My Poetry: Nothing


This is another old one of mine. I think, if I remember this correctly, I wrote this my freshman year of high school. It was a response/vent poem because I was sick and tired of people around me acting all negative about their life (which they lived blessed lives, believe me I know) and I hated being criticized for having my “head in the clouds” just because I liked to try to see the world through the lens of fiction and stories. I hope y’all like it!


by: Kristyn Garza



How is there nothing in this world when there is


in your heart and

joy in your soul that creates



Life is not nothing.

But I am the one that must be






Perhaps I am the one who



Perhaps there is nothing;

not in your

heart nor your



Perhaps there is no life at all

just as you say there is

nothing in the sky,

nothing in the ground,

nothing in the air

that swirls around.


But do you realize that the air is what keeps you alive?

Do you realize that the ground is what keeps you from floating away

(as you say I stray too much)?

Do you realize that it is the sky that lights up your day with


and illuminates your night with



Perhaps it is just me who




that there is magic in this thing you call nothing—

a glinting glittering magic that is



Why am I the only one who shouts


into the void for




Throwback Thursday! Part 2

Happy Thursday y’all!

I thought that I’d share a memory from 2017 since I kind of promised to share this with y’all last Thursday when I put up a similar post (if you haven’t already, you should check it out). This past year was quite dead and definitely not as full as the previous year when I met Leigh Bardugo at the Texas Teen Book Festival in Austin, Texas. Nonetheless, I still had such a blast volunteering for the first time and getting to meet some amazing authors, so here are my TTBF 2017 memories!



Okay, so maybe memories is an over exaggeration because these are the only two photos I have. To be fair, though, I was a volunteer and I was working like four or five shifts from the wee hours of morning to 7:30-8:00 p.m. so….yeah, we’ll just blame my lack of photos on me working. Anyway….these are photos of me meeting and getting my books signed by Stephanie Perkins and Mackenzi Lee! This was such a cool encounter; these two lovely ladies are both so sweet and kind and it was a pleasure getting to meet them.

This was the first year that I was a volunteer and it was so much fun! I got to make volunteer buddies, help out those who came for the festival have a fun time, and (obviously) I got to be around the authors and the books which is the dream!

I may not have that many photos of this past year’s festival but that’s okay because I will be attending and volunteering for this year’s so I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures for y’all to see.

Speaking of this year’s festival did you know that it’s the 10th Annual Texas Teen Book Festival?! That is absolutely amazing and I’m so excited since they have several new surprises in store! It’s free to the public and open to YA readers of all ages so if you’re around Austin, Texas on October 6th this year, be sure to stop by and help celebrate!

Be sure to keep updated and follow the Texas Teen Book Festival on social media:




And check them out on their website:


Okee-dokee, that’s all I’ve got for this Throwback Thursday. Of course, I post new content every Tuesday and Thursday and occasionally on Surprise Saturdays and Who Knows Sundays where I post content if I have time and feel like posting.

Thank you so much for checking this blog out! Please consider attending this year’s festival if you’re in the area and help support them! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, and friend me on Goodreads. Have a wonderful Thursday bibliophiles!




My Poetry: The Beast


Hey y’all…so I’m going to go ahead and put a trigger warning on this poem just because of the metaphor behind it. I am very proud of this piece since it is my first villanelle and I’m still new at using persona but I did both in one poem so I am very proud of it. Again, this poem does have a trigger warning so for those of you who would rather not read this (the speaker’s metaphor relates to her abuse by her father) I completely understand. Love yourselves! You all are amazing!


The Beast 

by: Kristyn Garza


It is He who cannot be held at bay.

Life is leached, fires rage, and ash rains down upon the land.

The Beast growls and the world decays.


His breath billows a fog of grey.

His malodorous stench of sulfur and liquor impossible to withstand.

It is He who cannot be held at bay.


He snarls and barks, so drunk on storms that I have no choice but to obey.

His mind unravels with every swig of sin until there’s nothing left but a tiny strand.

The Beast growls and the world decays.


Any hint of fear or tremble when I rasp could result in my own doomsday.

His fury, his pain, his thunderous roars hit me like a backhand.

It is He who cannot be held at bay.


He comes home every day, swaying and smelling foul like an ashtray.

I am always an easy target for his rage—so meek and weak—to command.

The Beast growls and the world decays.


My father, still is he, who tears and rips and flays

me with his savage tools of cruelty, brutality, inhumanity in hand.

It is He who cannot be held at bay.

The Beast growls and the world decays.

Cover Reveal: Fighting Fate by Shaila Patel (and Celebratory Giveaway)!

Hello all and happy Valentine’s Day! I am so flipping excited to be posting this cover reveal so without further adieu, let’s get to what y’all really want to see!

SOULMATED (Book 1 in the Joining of Souls Series)


SOULMATED is an #ownvoices teen paranormal romance that was the winner of the 2015 Chanticleer Book Reviews’ Paranormal Awards in Young Adult.

All eighteen-year-old Liam Whelan—an Irish royal empath—wants to do is stop the frustrating search for the elusive girl destined to be his soul mate. The rare union will cement his family’s standing in empath politics and give the couple legendary powers, painting a bullseye on Liam’s back—and hers.

All Indian-American Laxshmi Kapadia wants is to free herself from her traditional mother’s ultimatum: graduate from high school early and go to medical school, or have her marriage arranged. Neither allow her to pursue her dreams of a career in dancing or of falling in love.

When Liam moves in next door to Laxshmi—a non-empath, he’s immediately drawn to the purity of her emotions, and she sees in this charming Irish boy a future with the freedom to follow her heart. But Liam’s father will never consent if she’s not The One. And Laxshmi’s mom won’t even let her talk to their handsome new neighbor. But hiding their relationship can’t keep them from becoming targets of dark and ancient group determined to destroy the soulmated.

What will these two risk to choose their own fate?

Go ahead and check it out on the Goodreads SOULMATED page:

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Cover Reveal!

FIGHTING FATE (Book 2 in the Joining of Souls Series)


Empath Liam Whelan is determined to protect Laxshmi “Lucky” Kapadia, the girl he loves, at all costs–even if it means breaking her heart to keep her alive. Stopping the joining cold means Liam’s life is in danger from the Soul Seekers and the ruthless Minister Gagliardi who now has designs on Lucky. Liam has no choice but to find the strength to fight his desires, fight the joining, and fight fate.

After the unthinkable happened, Lucky’s “hallucinations” have been working double-time. Heartbroken and plagued by doubts, she meets a man who gives her a mind-blowing explanation for her predicament. Her apparent savior provides her with an escape from her hell: run away with him or return to her drab existence and watch Liam move on with her heart in his hands. All Lucky ever craved was to be in control of her own fate, but when her only choices fight against her heart, can she find the strength to battle for what she wants?

Be sure to get more info from the Goodreads FIGHTING FATE page:

FIGHTING FATE releases in April 2018 so be sure to pre order yours and go ahead and get excited! You can follow this link to pre-order yours More retailers will become available soon but go ahead and check out that link.

Check out this awesome excerpt from Book 2 of the Joining of Souls series:


(Joining of Souls Book 2)


Under the cover of her porch, I returned her bag to her. We moved apart. With the connection broken, she let out a shuddering sob. The pain of separating from her hit me square in the chest. I wanted to hold and comfort her, but I was already making a dog’s dinner of this just by being here. This would set her back—set us both back.

She turned away from me. Her hand shot up to her mouth, and her shoulders shook. I instinctively stepped forward, but all I could do was curl my fingers into my palms to keep from touching her.

“I miss you so much, Liam,” she said, the words choked out between hoarse cries. “I’m sorry. I know I’m not supposed to be weak.” She slapped away her tears and turned to face me. A bolt of lightning cracked nearby. I couldn’t stay. The tingling was pulling us together like it was some sort of magnetic current.

“You’re not weak. I miss you too, Lucky.”

Her eyes grew cold in an instant. The fury of the sandstorm I sensed from her made me gasp, and I stumbled back. “Jaysus, Lucky.” We were crossing interpretations again. I was reading her emotions as air metaphors instead.

She barreled toward me, her hands balled up, apparently unaware of the effect her anger had on me. “You have no right to miss me. You left me!” She beat her fists against my chest, and I had to grab her by the wrists to stop her.

“Are you thinkin’ this has been easy for me?”

She wriggled free from my grip. “Whose fault is that?” she yelled above a roll of thunder. I didn’t want her to see the pain on my face, so I turned away, holding myself up on the white, wooden railing. The whirlpool of her anguish surrounded me, making my head ache.

I took a deep breath and lowered my voice. “Lucky, I broke my promises to you. For that, I’m truly sorry. But I had little enough choice. None of that changes my feelings for you.”

“I’m not The One, so it’s time to move on. Is that it? Regardless of how you feel? Of how I feel?” Her voice cracked. “You’re a coward.”

I heard her fumbling for her keys. She’d be inside soon, and I’d rather be fighting with her on the porch than be without her.

“So where next, hmm?” she asked. “North Dakota? Vermont? Ooo, I know. You should go to India. You could play this game for the rest of your life!”

I turned to face her. Her sarcasm was brutal, but I deserved all that and more.

She tried to unlock her door, but the keys slipped from her grip. She stooped to pick them up, but her fingers were shaking so badly, she dropped them again.

“Dammit!” She crouched a second time and sucked back another sob.

I swept down and set my hands over hers to steady them. Taking the keys, I unlocked the door, followed her inside, and bundled her in a blanket from off the sofa. Lucky didn’t protest. We stood there, dripping water on her mum’s carpet, staring into each other’s eyes. Grabbing fistfuls of the covering around her neck, I gently rocked her, tugging her closer, fighting the craving to kiss her. My breaths came out fast and shallow, and only clinging to the material with both hands kept me from sneaking a touch of her soft skin. If I didn’t leave now, I’d stay because I didn’t have an ounce of the strength she had. Maybe I was the coward she’d accused me of being.

Meet the Author!


As an unabashed lover of all things happily-ever-after, Shaila Patel’s younger self would finish reading her copy of Cinderella and chuck it across the room because it didn’t mention what happened next. Now she writes from her home in the Carolinas and dreams up all sorts of stories with epilogues. A member of the Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, she’s a pharmacist by training, a medical office manager by day, and a writer by night. SOULMATED, her debut novel and the first book in the Joining of Souls Series, was the winner of the 2015 Chanticleer Book Reviews Paranormal Awards for Young Adult. Book 2, FIGHTING FATE releases April 2018. She loves craft beer, tea, and reading in cozy window seats—but she’ll read anywhere. You might find her sneaking in a few paragraphs at a red light or gushing about her favorite books online.

She is represented by Agent Amanda Leuck of Spencerhill Associates

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As a special way to celebrate her cover reveal of FIGHTING FATE, Shaila is having a Rafflecopter giveaway! The contest begins today, the 14th of February, and will run through Tuesday the 20th 11:59 p.m. EST. Here’s the link for y’all to go take advantage of that awesome giveaway:

For those of you who have decided to comment on this blog as  part of the Rafflecopter giveaway, thank you for supporting Shaila by doing so! For those who don’t know what I’m talking about or have no idea what the comments mean, the question that the giveaway asks for people to comment their answers to is, Would you risk death to join (I mean metaphysically, of course!) with your soul mate?

Thank you all for checking out this blog and helping Shaila celebrate her book’s big cover reveal! Remember to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and check out her Facebook page, website, BookBub, as well as sign up for her Email Newsletter because she is just an amazing person! Thinking about how awesome FIGHTING FATES  looks? Be sure to purchase and read the first installment in the Joining of Souls series, SOULMATED, and pre order your copy of FIGHTING FATES!

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My Poetry: The Ruler of Love


So I’ve been saving this poem specifically for today, Valentine’s Day (a.k.a the worst day of the year if you’re single like me…except for my books of course. My books would never leave me). Gee Kristyn, I wonder why you saved this poem for today? Well duh, it’s about the Greek god of love (other than Aphrodite), Eros! Now keep in mind that this may not be one of my best, I did write this in my sophomore year of high school, so please be kind. I hope y’all enjoy!

The Ruler of Love

by: Kristyn Garza


Eros, in his austere and lonely temples

slowly is driven mad with bitter joy;

joy in the misery of lovesick dogs.


Darkly he laughs as they chase their tails

in a never-ending cycle.

He watches the males adroitly coax their potential mates,

whispering soft promises and gifts in abundance

which he knows to be a farce.


Alas, he cannot see the beauty in that which he guards so dear.

Peering through the heavens, he merely sees a vision,

a dark and abstract version of mortal joy.


He watches the females, in their circumspect and pliable way,

pour their hearts out in earnest ostensible desire.

Bored, he is, of this joyous scene, and so he succinctly creates a struggle;

a war of some other, whether mental or not,

spreads like a bloom made of pure crimson.


He hears the cries of those broken mortal hearts as if they were palpable.

He smiles at this, the misery of those below, for he is defunct;

A dark soul in a husk of an ancient body.


It is he who is to be held accountable for all tragedies mortals call love.

He who has the heart as dark as Night and soul as black as onyx.

He the king;

He the god;

He the ruler of love.

14 Hearts to Spread Book Tag

Hello all! It’s just a few more days for Valentine’s Day and I saw this cool book tag over on and I decided to participate in the Valentine’s festivities!

Here are the rules:

1.) Have fun!

2.) Tag me!

3.) Tag your friends (if you want)


Now for the 14 book and love related questions:

1.) Your book date this year-

My book date this year is The Count of Monte Cristo. I know most people wouldn’t consider it to be all that romantic considering it’s full of death and betrayal and suffering but I can still find the romance and I love it.

2.) Your book date when you were young-

Ooo, when I was younger (around 7 years old) I was absolutely obsessed with the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. I know I’ve already done a book review on it (if you haven’t yet, you should check it out) but I honestly just love this book so gosh darn much!

3.) If a book could be your partner (the book you love most)-

That’s a toughy because the book I love most is The Count of Monte Cristo but since I’ve already used that one, I’d have to go with Strange Sweet Song by Adi Rule. This book was exactly as the title suggests- it was very strange but the characters and their relationship with one another was sweet and there was so much music! I love music!

4.) Your biggest character crush-

Well obviously I love Jace Herondale from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and Thomas Cresswell from Kerri Maniscalco’s Stalking Jack the Ripper series but hands down my all time biggest crush on a fictional character is…Will Herondale from Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy. Honestly there are no words for how much I love Will…I adore his very existence!

5.) A character you imagine has a beautiful voice-

For some reason I can’t get Mia Hall, from Gayle Forman’s If I Stay duology, out of my head. Even though she’s a cellist and not a vocalist, I always imagined her having a beautiful voice (a lot like Chloe Grace Moretz’s, who played her in the movie).

6.)The book character you know is just completely gorgeous-

Ha ha! This is a very easy question…Finnick Odair from Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. Sam Claflin was an amazing Finnick! A gorgeous, gorgeous man indeed…I miss him every day!

7.) A villain you just can’t help but love-

I can’t help but love the Darkling from Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy. I find him strangely charismatic and attractive but, obviously, he is a villain and he is an ass at the end of the day.

8.) And the cutest couple award goes to-

Galen and Emma from Anna Banks’ Syrena Legacy Series are such a cute couple! Of course, Magnus and Alec from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series are the epitome of cute but I think that the Shadowhunters have won enough awards here. (Can you tell I really love Shadowhunters?)

9.) The couple you want most to read getting married-

Clary and Jace!!!!! I am so invested in this beautiful relationship from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. I feel like it’s been so long since their relationship started and it’s been hinted but I need this in my life…like, now!

10.) And the best book kiss goes to-

The best book kiss is awarded to Emma and Julian from Cassandra Clare’s Dark Artifices series. They are so adorable as best friends (parabatai) but also as a couple.

11.) A character that is as sweet as chocolate-

Ugh, Luna Lovegood from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is such a sweetheart! I absolutely adore Luna and all her quirky, strange, sweetness!

12.) A love that persevered through trials and tribulations-

I’m sorry to those of y’all who are not big fans of the Caster Chronicles (Beautiful Creatures) series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl but I am literal trash for it so a love that persevered through trials and tribulations is definitely Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate. I love these two so much, they’re like friends to me and I love to see them in love!

13.) A book you’d love to give your partner (or best friend) for Valentine’s Day-

I’d give my best friend Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo for Valentine’s Day because it’s absolutely amazing! I think I’ve made my thoughts and feelings about Leigh Bardugo and her books pretty clear (I LOVE her work so much) but I really do think that Six of Crows is just so interesting and beautiful even for those who aren’t huge fans.

14.) A book you’d love to receive for Valentine’s Day-

I’d love to receive Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. This book looks so freaking good, I’m dying to read it!


Well that was a fun tag! I tag ….anyone who wants to do this tag!

Don’t forget, I put out new content every Tuesday and Thursday and occasionally on Surprise Saturdays and Who Knows Sundays where I post content if I have time and feel like doing so. Thanks for checking out my blog! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, and friend me on Goodreads. Have a wonderful day bibliophiles!


I’ve Been Nominated for The Sunshine Award 2018!!!


Oh my good gosh y’all I cannot believe this has even happened but the fact that I barely started this blog three weeks ago on January 30th is absolutely mind boggling to me! I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported me thus far in my crazy, spur of the moment endeavor that has turned into a huge passion of mine. Thank you so much to everyone who follows and keeps track of this blog and my other social media. Huge thank you to the absolutely amazing Lucy from for nominating me for the Sunshine Award 2018! Thank you so so so much Lucy this nomination really means a lot!

For this nomination there are 4 rules to follow:

1.) Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you for the blog post and link back to their blog.

2.) Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.

3.) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 questions.

4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or blog.


Here are my answers to Lucy’s questions:

1.) Why did you start your blog?

A: I started my blog because I would like to work in publishing and be an author. Both of which need platforms and connections/relationships. Plus, me being a writer, I was going insane with no one reading my work. I just want to contribute my voice to the ongoing conversation of everything bookish.

2.) What is your dream job?

A: Well…I’d like to be an editor at a publishing company (Harper Collins) and be an author of YA  fantasy (which I’m currently working on a piece).

3.) What problems have you faced with your blog?

A: I’m not a very tech type person (I still have a dinosaur phone that’s on its last leg) so just figuring out how to make my content look the way I want it to has been a bit of a challenge. My biggest challenge, however, has been participation with my viewers. I don’t get many comments or likes or engagement that lets me know that people are actually reading my stuff. So I guess I’ll have to try harder to get some more engagement which I am more than willing to do!

4.) What are your goals for 2018?

A: My goals are to reach at least 500 followers on my blog, put out the best content I can, reach at least a thousand followers on Twitter, reach more people on my Facebook page, finish my YA passion project, and get on the Dean’s List for my second semester freshman year like I did last semester (pretty ambitious goals, I know).

5.) What is your favorite book and why?

A: I have many favorite books (The Shadowhunter Chronicles, The Grisha Trilogy, etc.) but my all time favorite book ever is The Count of Monte Cristo.  I had to read this my sophomore year of high school for English and I fell in love with the betrayal, the scenery of the world, the emotion that courses throughout the work, and (of course) Edmond Dantes.

6.) Who is your favorite writer and why?

A: Ooo, that’s a toughy. I love Rick Riordan’s work and Leigh Bardugo’s (I cried when I met her) but I’d have to say that Cassandra Clare is my all time favorite author. She just has this twisted way of breaking my heart into a million pieces, leaving me in agony, and yet has me coming back for more every time!

7.) What is your favorite television series?

A: Another toughy but I’ll have to go with Bob’s Burgers (even though Parks and Rec is literally life).

8.) What hobbies do you do?

A: Really, my only hobby is singing (I used to be in choir for 8 years) because I don’t count reading and writing as hobbies, they’re more like passions.

9.) What is your favorite form of exercise?

A: Mmmm, well…I really don’t exercise but I guess I’d have to say walking/hiking. My campus is on top of a hill (yes we’re the Hilltoppers) so whenever I have a break between classes I walk/hike around campus because it’s honestly such a beautiful place.

10.) Where would you love to travel to and why?

A: Good question! I am absolutely OBSESSED with all things UK for some really weird, unknown reason. So I would love to visit England (I’m thinking of doing a study abroad there during the summer going into my junior year). If anyone is from there and wants to help a girl out, go ahead and leave a comment on this post and tell me about England.

11.) What is your favorite film and why?

A: Ugh, Lucy you’re killing me! I am such a film buff! I watch so many movies it’s not even funny but I’d say that my favorite movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (the 1954 musical romance starring Jane Powell and Howard Keel).


Whew, that took a while! Here are the blogs I nominate:

1.) Rimpy (

2.) Ashley Rae (

3.) SPasciuti (


5.) Emily (

6.) Marisa Fleischer (

7.) Eden (

8.) Karlita (

9.) Nia (

10.) Charlie (

11.) Regina (

If you have already been nominated, I’d appreciate you linking me to your post with your original questions. I’d really enjoy reading them!


Here are my 11 questions for my nominees:

1.) Why did you start your blog?

2.) What is your dream profession? If you already work in it, what is it?

3.) What are your 2018 goals? Have you completed any yet?

4.) What are some hobbies you do?

5.) What is your favorite candy?

6.) What is your favorite book?

7.) Who is your favorite author?

8.) What is a show that you have loved so much that you binge watched it?

9.) What is a movie that scared the heck out of you? Has there been one?

10.) What are some of your biggest fears?

11.) What are some problems or obstacles that you’ve faced with your blog? What are you hoping to achieve with your blog?

Thanks so much again to Lucy and to all of my readers, you all are amazing! Have a wonderful day bibliophiles!