Quick One Week Break (LOL I’m Sorry!)

Hey y'all, quick update, I'm taking this week off to finish three papers I have due for Uni by the end of the week (so, I'm dying) and I won't be able to get to the blog this Tuesday or Thursday. I'll be back next week with more content for y'all, it should be a [...]


Tuesdays Talking About Mythology: Amaterasu

Hello all and happy Tuesday! Can it be? Am I really not talking about Greek and Roman mythology today? Yep, no Greek myths today y'all, instead I'll be talking about one of (if not the) greatest and most important Japanese deity in the Shinto religion, Amaterasu. Since this is a new sort of avenue for [...]

Tuesdays Talking About Mythology:Dionysus/Bacchus

Hello all and happy Tuesday! Today we will be delving into another one of the twelve Olympian gods, Dionysus. I hope y'all enjoy! The Greek: Dionysus Dionysus was born from Zeus and the mortal Semele. Though, his birth is quite strange (yes, even stranger than Athena, whom we talked about last week, being born from [...]

Tuesdays Talking About Mythology: Athena/Minerva

Hello all and happy Tuesday! Today we will be talking about my all time favorite Greek goddess, Athena. I hope y'all enjoy! The Greek: Athena Athena was born from the King of the Gods, Zeus. Though there are variations on how it came to be, Zeus birthed Athena from his forehead and she sprung out [...]