I’ve Been Nominated for the Unique Blogger Award 2018!!! (x3)

Hello all and happy Tuesday! I was recently nominated for this award by the fabulous Kelly over on her blog, Another Book in the Wall, (updated 06/05/18) Michaela at Journey Into Books, and (updated 07/24/18) Leslie at Books Are the New Black. Please give them some love and check out their amazing blogs! Thank you so so so much Kelly, Michaela, and Leslie, I appreciate your constant support and kindness!


The Rules:

  • Display the award!
  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  • Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!


Kelly’s Questions:

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Obviously there are a lot of things that I love about blogging but, my favorite has to be the community and getting to know people from all around the world! I feel really blessed to be so accepted and supported by so many blogger buddies, people I haven’t even met in person but who constantly take time out of their lives to interact with me. It’s just such an amazing feeling to know that you are being heard by others and that so many people can come together over a shared interest and be kind and loving towards one another……sorry for getting kind of cheesy there but, I appreciate every one of you fellow bloggers out there and, of course, you wonderful and dedicated readers for whom I write this blog!

If you could be best friends with a fictional character who would it be?

That is a very hard question but, I’d have to go with my home girl Clary from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. She is such an interesting character to me and I’ve been reading The Shadowhunter Chronicles since I was eight years old so it’s like I grew up with her while she journeyed through the Shadowhunter world.

What fictional food would you love to try?

After reading Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone (book one of her Grisha trilogy), I really wanted to try the sweet bird-shaped rolls Alina got in Ravka. They just sound so warm and inviting, though I’m not that great of a baker and would never be able to make them.


Michaela’s Questions:

What is your favourite thing to do in the summer?

Honestly….sleep! I love that I can sleep literally all day in the summer because I do NOT have that luxury during the school year and I really do use the summer months to recharge before I have to go back and do it all over again! College is hard! Lol.

What book has been your biggest disappointment so far this year?

I don’t think that I can say that any book I read this year (so far) has been a disappointment. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every book I’ve read thus far in the year!

What book do you plan on reading next?

I’m hoping to finish The Wicked Deep soon and then I really really want to start reading The Queens of Innis Lear!

Leslie’s Questions:

What makes you unique?

Well that’s a loaded question! Umm, I’m not sure, I guess my personality? I’m told by my buddies that I am quite quirky and out there and hard to explain to other people, which, I guess, is what makes me different from other people. If you’ve seen Mamma Mia 2, think about young Donna and that’s basically me.

If you could only read books from five authors for the rest of your life. Who would you choose?

Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan, Kerri Maniscalco, Leigh Bardugo, and Dawn Kurtagich.

What are you/plan on binge watching?

I binge watch many things at once (usually anime) so right now I am re-watching Yuri On Ice for the ten billionth time, The Devil is a Part-Timer, World End, Darling in the Franxx, and re-watching Violet Evergarden. Yeah, I’m constantly watching anime and I do it in long binge-type of viewing.


My Nominees:

  1. Angela from The Cat With a Book
  2. Lacy from A Ravenclaw Library
  3. Lucy-May from Writing Wolves
  4. Evgnossia from Through The Chapters
  5. Aurora from Aurora Librialis
  6. Melanie Noell Bernard from MNBernard Books
  7. Saida from Erucchii’s Books and Recs
  8. Emily from The Little Book Affair

My Questions:

  1. What fictional character would you trade places with and why?
  2. What is your bookish guilty pleasure? (This can be a bookish habit or a book you just really enjoy reading)
  3. What got you into blogging and how has your experience with the blogging community been so far?


Thank you so so much again to Kelly, Michaela, and Leslie!

So, did you like any of my answers? Have anything to add? Please leave me all of your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear from y’all!

Don’t forget to please follow me on Twitter, follow this blog, check out my Facebook page, friend me on Goodreads, and follow me on Instagram! Just a reminder, I put out new content every Tuesday and Thursday and occasionally on Surprise Saturdays and Who Knows Sundays where I post content if I have time and feel like doing so. Thank you all for checking this post out! Have a wonderful day bibliophiles!


13 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated for the Unique Blogger Award 2018!!! (x3)

  1. “It’s just such an amazing feeling to know that you are being heard by others and that so many people can come together over a shared interest and be kind and loving towards one another”
    Well, this is the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day, and I wholeheartedly agree! I’m constantly amazed that there are people out there who want to hear my opinion and make the time to leave kind comments. Congrats on the nom! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Soooo good!!! I was so excited that it didn’t let me down! I want to see it again. haha. I’ve listened to the soundtrack everyday, since last week! haha

        Liked by 1 person

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