Welcome Back!

Hello all and happy Tuesday (as well as a SUPER belated Happy New Year)! As y’all could tell, I recently took a very long break from this blog (the longest, I believe, I have ever taken) and I am here to let y’all know that I’m back in action. My life is and has been quite hectic as of late, which I suppose comes with aging and having to start adulting in earnest (I’ll be 20 soon so there’s that), so I have been spending these past weeks recharging and making sure that I am 100% so that I may put in all of my energy and effort towards all aspects of life in this new year, especially regarding this blog. As I probably mentioned back in December when my Sophomore fall semester ended, this past semester kicked my butt in terms of workload. This semester is no different from the last which is why I prepared myself by taking the winter break doing nothing but watching anime, reading some stuff and doing some casual writing. Now fully charged and ready for 2019, I am so happy to be back to share some more content with y’all as I have fallen in love with the interactions and kind support I have received from all of y’all who read this tiny blog that I was sure would just be some insignificant little dot on the expansive page of the internet but has become a wonderful community of like minded individuals which I am so grateful for. Though I know that many of y’all will end up telling me that I shouldn’t apologize for taking time for myself, I am still very sorry for being absent for so long without even a warning beforehand. I know that this is my own blog and my schedule is dictated by no one but myself, I still feel like you wonderful readers and myself have become friends and I always treasure my friends so I can’t help but feel overly considerate at certain times towards y’all. Even now I am realizing just how long I have been rambling on and I feel somewhat foolish for going on and on when all I really wanted to say to y’all is that I missed you, I love you, and I’m back in action for some more blogging. I truly hope that y’all’s lives have been successful thus far into our new year and I’d love to hear how y’all have been so please feel free to talk to me in the comments below as you know I love to hear from y’all about anything and everything! Have a wonderful rest of your day, this is all I’ve got planned for y’all today but I’ll have an interesting discussion up on Thursday so stay tuned for that, and I’ll see y’all next time!584437d4a6515b1e0ad75b69Thanks so much for reading y’all! Let me know anything you’d like to say in the comments below, you know I love hearing from y’all!

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