Manga Haul-July 2019

Hello all and happy Tuesday! I recently purchased some manga from Right Stuf Anime because I noticed that the section of my home library that was the weakest was my manga section. This surprised me considering the sheer amount of manga I devour on a daily basis. I read manga online all the time but it’s rare that I actually purchase any to have since I usually spend my money on other books. However, recently I’ve been in a pretty bad reading slump (being honest, it’s hard to read for fun when you’re an English Lit major with professors having you read literally nonstop, plus my depression has been leaving me super low lately). What I’ve been able to do so far is at least read some manga which, hopefully, will help me transition back into reading books the way I used to (especially since I do have some review requests from authors still pending). Lol, anyway, all this is to say that I found it really strange that I own so little manga when it’s a genre that I absolutely adore and so, I decided to purchase some of my favorite series and series that I’m currently reading online so that I can expand the manga section in my personal library. Here are some of my purchases, I’ll leave links to where I bought them from since they’re pretty cheap in case anyone was interested.



These books are absolutely gorgeous! The first through fourth volumes are just as beautiful as these, by the way. I’ve already talked about the anime adaptation of this manga on the blog before but basically the story follows a group of people who live on ships made of mud that sail a sea of sand. There’s magic, romance, tragedy, a government who wants to kill their own people, betrayal, etc. It’s really interesting and I highly recommend both the manga and the anime to anyone who is into magic mixed with governmental conspiracies. Here’s a link to where I bought volumes five and six of Children of the Whales.

Yassss! I’ve been reading this series online but the updates are usually pretty slow (though I never really complained since someone is taking their own time and money to scan them so that people like me can read it for free). Because this is one of my all time favorite mangas, I really wanted to show my support for the author by purchasing these myself and I’m so excited to add these to my library! Yes, this series is yaoi/BL (that is, a series that focuses on male x male relationships) but honestly I really do read this for the plot because the hardships that this couple goes through are so real and their love for each other is so beautiful that I can’t help but love this series with all my heart! If you’re interested in checking out a cute gay romance between an ex-delinquent and a straight A honor student then here’s a link to where I bought volumes one through seven of Don’t Be Cruel.

Ahhhhh!!! The excitement I had when I finally got to hold these in my hands was enough to make me cry, like actually shed tears (no, I’m not exaggerating). I’ve been reading this series for the past four years online but I’ve always wanted to own these since the artwork and the plot of the actual story are honestly phenomenal! The angst of Kassan and Igen’s love gives me life and the plot of the series (lol, yes I really do read this for the plot, not joking) is so engaging, I’m always on the edge of my seat. This is another yaoi/BL series but honestly, even if yaoi isn’t your thing, I’d still recommend this for the story alone, it’s so freaking good! If there’s anyone interested in angsty romance, family betrayal, and a land in the midst of danger and wars from all sides then here’s a link to where I bought volumes one through four of To Take An Enemy’s Heart.584437d4a6515b1e0ad75b69

Thanks so much for reading y’all! Let me know anything you’d like to say in the comments below, you know I love hearing from y’all!

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