Why I Don’t Believe That Books Will Go Extinct- A Conversation

Hello all and happy Tuesday! So, I’ve heard recently that some folks are concerned about books going extinct, along with bookstores, libraries, and publishers all together. Here’s a little bit of my thoughts on why I find this idea to be absolutely absurd.

I may be a bit biased since I’m an English Lit major, but I think that this perspective gives me a bit of an advantage. We often discuss topics like this in my classes because, as English majors, we always run into those people that rudely ask what are majors are even good for and assume that we all are trying to become teachers (in my case especially, since my father was an English major and now teaches middle school English). What we often come to the conclusion, when we have class discussions like this, is that using the analytical brain muscles used when reading books and using that creative component when writing as well, people gain a specific way of interpreting the world which leads to more creativity and productivity in the way each of us functions in our society. The world needs creative thinkers. Period. End of story.

Plus, we all agreed that reading does fills something within humans that other things in our lives do not. It is our drive to create, to consume, to invent, to explore, and to learn that keeps us writing and reading.  We as a human race have been writing and reading for around 5,000-6,000 years. It’s absolutely absurd to assume that, after thousands of years, books and our reading habits will just disappear (especially at the fast pace that so many folks seem to fear). There are so many readers across the entire world, quite possibly just as many writers if not more, so it would be really stupid if we all started to believe that within the next fifty, even a hundred, years that books will just disappear from our lives. Will the industry change? Of course, you bet your booty that it’ll change. In fact, the industry changes regularly about every decade or two. But, this doesn’t mean that the newest change will be the destruction of the book industry.

We, as humans, have a lust for creation. This means that we’ll never have a lack of writers. If there are writers then there are readers who would like to consume their writing. And, so long as there are consumers/readers, there will be people out there publishing writer’s stories to provide for the consumer masses. But, that’s covering new books only. What about old books? Well those most certainly won’t be going anywhere. With the brilliant invention of the printing press in 1439 (and even before that with the tradition of woodblock printing), we are able to continuously produce old texts and create as many as we need/want. Sure, some titles become out of print but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. They exist somewhere out there in the world and are owned, and hopefully read, by a reader. To say that books and the tradition of reading and writing books will become extinct, especially extinct in the near future, is complete blasphemy. Nope, I’d say that the human race would have to become extinct before books and the culture of reading does.

So, what are your thoughts on this topic? Have you come across this issue? Have you ever considered the history and future of books? Do you agree with any of my points? Disagree? Please let me know any of your thoughts and feel free to chat with me in the comments below!!584437d4a6515b1e0ad75b69Thanks so much for reading y’all! Let me know anything you’d like to say in the comments below, you know I love hearing from y’all!

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