When Is Enough Enough? How Can You Tell When A Story Has Reached It’s End?- A Conversation

Hey y’all and happy Tuesday! After binge watching all four seasons of Spartacus last week (which, btw, it was amazing), I started thinking about stories and their endings. When is there too much story to the point of dragging? When do you know that it’s enough? I think that this is honestly about personal preference so I thought I’d ask y’all about what you think.

For me, I think I’m definitely one of those people that never really gets sick of reading or watching a story that I’m invested in. Even if an entire chapter or an entire episode is literally just about the characters eating breakfast at the kitchen table, I’d still be just as happy as when I’m enjoying some action packed scene. I looked at some Spartacus forums that mentioned that the final season wasn’t really necessary and that they was unnecessarily dragging out of the story but, being honest, I would’ve been happy with some more episodes (like a whole other season). I tend to feel this way about lots of books I read too. I tend to go for trilogies and long series rather than standalones and duologies. Also, the length of the book matters too. I love thick, heavily populated with words kind of books rather than sparsely written and thin books. Lots of folks think that some books have too much description or that certain “unimportant” scenes take too long but, for me, once I’m invested with a cast of characters and have fully submerged myself into a world, I would like nothing more than to have an overabundance of information about anything and everything, no matter how mundane or tedious it may seem to others. Like in the case of Spartacus, I would’ve loved to have seen more character development and exploration into Gannicus’ past before becoming a gladiator champion. I would’ve loved to have had more time with the side couples like Gannicus and Saxa or my favorite couple, Nasir and Agron. I would’ve loved to have seen how Barca and Pietros met since Barca was with a different lover before meeting Pietros. These are things that I really really want to know and yet, I can’t really complain much because I got to watch like 39 episodes each of an hour in duration. But, for me, there’s still so much more story that I want, it’s never enough. For lots of people though, this would be considered tedious and unimportant information.

So, what do y’all think? Do you go for more series and bigger books with lots of information? Or do you think that there is a limit and that stories shouldn’t be “drawn out” because it becomes boring? Please let me know all your thoughts in the comments below! I’m really curious on y’all’s take on this.584437d4a6515b1e0ad75b69Thanks so much for reading y’all! Let me know anything you’d like to say in the comments below, you know I love hearing from y’all!

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