My Short Story: A Chest Filled With Rubies

Hello all and happy Thursday! I was planning ahead for this upcoming semester and that meant looking through my old creative writing since I'm taking another writing workshop this semester. Going through my stuff from last Fall semester's class had me stumble upon this story and I never really posted it simply because of it's [...]

When Is Enough Enough? How Can You Tell When A Story Has Reached It’s End?- A Conversation

Hey y'all and happy Tuesday! After binge watching all four seasons of Spartacus last week (which, btw, it was amazing), I started thinking about stories and their endings. When is there too much story to the point of dragging? When do you know that it's enough? I think that this is honestly about personal preference [...]

Week Hiatus

Lol, no y'all, I won't be going MIA again. I've just really gotten into watching Spartacus (even though I'm like, almost ten years late but obviously I couldn't get into this show as a ten year old) and I'm gonna be busy spending my spare time watching all four seasons. There's something like 39 episodes [...]

What I Want to See More of In Publishing- A Conversation

Hello all and happy Thursday! Lately I've been thinking bout what it is that I want to see more of in terms of the selection of books available to readers. I was in Barnes and Noble the other day to buy Dawn Kurtagich's new psychological thriller (which, if you're into that genre I highly recommend [...]

Why I Don’t Believe That Books Will Go Extinct- A Conversation

Hello all and happy Tuesday! So, I've heard recently that some folks are concerned about books going extinct, along with bookstores, libraries, and publishers all together. Here's a little bit of my thoughts on why I find this idea to be absolutely absurd. I may be a bit biased since I'm an English Lit major, [...]