One Year Blogiversary!!

Hello all and happy Thursday! I can't believe it y'all, it's already been a year since I started this blog back in January of 2018. I'm so grateful to you all whom I cherish with my whole heart. Y'all readers, fellow bloggers, writers mean the absolute world to me and I'd like to thank all [...]


Tuesdays Talking About Mythology: Tyche/Fortuna

Hello and happy Tuesday! Since it is now 2019 and lots of folks like to make wishes and hope for better fortune for the upcoming year, I thought I should talk about the Greek goddess of fortune, Tyche. I hope y'all enjoy! The Greek: Tyche Tyche was born to the Titans Oceanus and Tethys (though [...]

Exploring the Various Methods of the Writing Process and an Explanation of My Own- A Conversation

Hello all and happy Thursday! I know that a lot of y'all readers are writers as well so I thought I'd create a discussion surrounding the writing process and how each writer is unique, going about their craft through various different pathways, while also hearing from those of you who decide to share your experiences [...]

Tuesdays Talking About Mythology: Khione/Chione

Hello all and happy Tuesday! So, it's official, the fall semester is finally over! Whew, it got pretty stressful there at the end but I made it y'all and I'm so happy to be back to share with you more mythology. Since it is winter and Christmas is around the corner, I thought that I'd [...]

The Importance of Tolerance and Diversity in Literature (with an Unpopular Opinion)- A Conversation

Hello all and happy Thursday! I believe in the whole #OwnVoices movement and, of course, I'm all for diversity and inclusion but, I don't believe in hating on or shaming authors who are so unfamiliar with certain peoples or customs that they, out of respect to those peoples and customs, don't try to tackle for [...]