My Poetry: Tenochtitlán

Poetry Hello all and happy Thursday! If you're into celebrating the Fourth of July in America then happy Fourth of July to you. Now, why am I posting a poem about Mexican heritage on the day of America's independence? Well, first of all, I just really like being a troll and I hate conforming, lol. [...]


If You Like This, Then You Should Try This…Book and Anime Style 4.0

Hello all and happy Tuesday! I know that quite a few of y'all enjoy these posts (lol, that's why I've made four of these now). But, I think that this will be my last post in this series because I now have a whole other blog dedicated to anime/manga only. So, here's the part where [...]

Tuesdays Talking About Mythology: Rain Gods

Hello all and happy Tuesday! So, my hometown has now been hit with a bunch of crappy thunderstorms. I'd like to concentrate on the things I need to do, but I've been getting interrupted by awful thunder. I'd like to know when it's day and when it's night, but these dark rain clouds aren't going [...]

5 Songs That Remind Me of Books

Hello all and happy Tuesday! Starting next week I'll be continuing with my Tuesdays Talking About Mythology but, as those posts take a lot of research and effort, I thought I'd take this week easy and talk about some music that reminds me of books, their characters, and/or particular scenes in books. Listening to one's [...]